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Stances / Main Menu DWITBAL SOGI - Rear Foot Stance Exam 3rd Kup Document containing source information

This mode is mainly used for defense, but sometimes also for the attack.

The great advantage of this mode is that it can be passed to attacks with a kick without displacement of the body weight. The position is always performed with a side facing.

Make sure the knee of the back leg is pointing inwards.

  • Move either foot forward or backward, so that a distance of one shoulder width arises between the two toes.
  • Bend the back leg so far as the knee is over the toes. Place the bck heel just behind the heel of the front foot.
  • Bend the front leg and keep light contact with the ball of the foot of the front leg.
  • M Make sure the toes of the front foot are facing about 25 degrees inward and the toes of the back foot are facing approximately 15 degrees inward.
  • The body weight is primarily on the back leg.

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